Why You Need Atomised Sprays to Reduce Airborne Asbestos Dust in Your DIY Demolition Project

Have you ever heard of asbestosis? If not, it is a lung disease caused by inhaling asbestos particles. If you live in an old house or perhaps some small parts of your patio have asbestos and you are comfortable removing it on your own, you need to be careful enough with the materials. This is because when asbestos fibres or dust is released into the air, they can stay there for a long time, which would be hazardous. Read More 

When a Homeowner May Need to Call a Construction Surveyor

A construction surveyor handles the surveying of land and topography specifically for construction projects. They often work with contractors to draw up blueprints for new construction, and also work with those who do the grading and leveling or other prep work of land before construction begins. If you're a homeowner planning on a renovation project or any other construction on your property, you might not think such a surveyor is needed. Read More 

Selective Demolition and Construction Today

Demolition is a necessary step for erecting new structures, where old structures are brought down and cleared for the construction process to commence. There are many methods of demolition—all of which are subjected to hazard assessment tests. While the old stick and boom method can be said to be still very popular, a newer method of demolition is fast being taken up by many construction demolition contractors.  Selective demolition is a process during which the structure to be demolished is systematically stripped of its selective parts. Read More