Advantages of Installing Circulating Pumps

Hot water circulation pumps offer several advantages over traditional hot water heaters. In order to make an informed decision, though, it's important to consider all of your options and compare both types, including: price, ease of installation, tank size, annual utility cost, and service and repair cost. Keep in mind that initial upfront costs may pay off down the road when overall utility costs are reduced. Also, if you live in a remote area where these circulating pumps are not common, you may have to pay more for service and repair calls. All that being said, though, the advantages may outweigh the disadvantages.


With a traditional hot water heater, it may take a long time for the hot water to travel where it needs to go (depending on the layout of your house.) This causes extra costs and less efficiency. A circulation pump can help push the water through faster and further, so the wait time for hot water is lessened. This can also help the pipes stay warm throughout the house, preventing frozen pipes in the winter.

Save Money

Circulating pumps can help cut down on electricity and water bills, as well as your gas bill if your hot water heater uses a gas system. Because the pump delivers faster hot water, you won't have to run the water for a shower as long waiting for the water to heat up. The tank doesn't have to work as hard to refill and reheat, since less water leaves the tank. This means you save money and you'll also benefit from a longer life span of the tank and its various parts. This may also result in lower heating bills because of the added heat that circulates around and through the water pipes. While you may not see a huge different in air heating costs, every little bit helps. While the circulation pump's power source may add an extra charge to your gas or hydro bill, overall you will save money on utility costs.


Circulation pumps are typically easier to connect to your hot water heater system. It is also easier to maintain and repair than a regular tank. The top valve is designed to make it easy for the cold water to enter, circulate and become hot. This helps to eliminate waste and makes the process much faster. It's also designed to have cold tap water run through it as well. This poses no health risk, and will save both water and money.

Circulation pumps may be an ideal solution if you are looking for ways to decrease your carbon footprint and cut down on household costs. If you invest in a system like this and find that you're having trouble with the circulation pump, reach out to a local professional, such as Ln Electric Motors Limited, to have it repaired.