When a Homeowner May Need to Call a Construction Surveyor

A construction surveyor handles the surveying of land and topography specifically for construction projects. They often work with contractors to draw up blueprints for new construction, and also work with those who do the grading and leveling or other prep work of land before construction begins. If you're a homeowner planning on a renovation project or any other construction on your property, you might not think such a surveyor is needed. However, note when a construction surveyor may be a good choice for your property and why they should be called before you even start your construction plans.

1. When adding a very large or heavy fence

If you're adding a very cheap chain link fence to your property, you may not be concerned with its overall appearance or even with how long it lasts. However, if you're thinking of adding a wood privacy fence or a concrete wall around your property, you want to call a construction surveyor. They can note the grade and slope of your property and ensure your fencing contractor can work around slight peaks and valleys. They can also recommend areas of the property that should be graded so that the fence is erected evenly and doesn't sag or even collapse. For a heavy fence such as a concrete wall or fence with a concrete base, a construction surveyor can note if the ground is too soft to support that weight.

2. If work is planned around a natural feature

If your property has a pond, large tree or trees, or any such natural feature that you want to work around with your new construction project, it's good to call a surveyor first. They can note if the soil around a pond is so soft and moist that you actually need to relocate your project, or will need to underpin the foundation of your new garage or addition. A construction surveyor can note how to work around tree roots so the tree isn't damaged. For any natural feature that may affect your construction, call a surveyor first to help with the blueprints and plans.

3. If there may be boundary disputes

It's not unusual for neighbors to have something to say about your construction project if it comes close to the boundary of their property. This can even result in a long-term dispute as to whether or not your project is encroaching on their property. To avoid this, call a construction surveyor so he or she can mark those boundaries properly and in turn, protect you from accusation, potential litigation, and even just outright unpleasantness from your neighbors.

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